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The Ultimate Guide to Bike Rentals and Trails in Wildwood Crest, NJ

Bike Rentals and Trails

When it comes to exploring Wildwood Crest, NJ, there’s no better way to experience the picturesque beachscape and vibrant boardwalk than by hopping on a bike and pedaling your way through this delightful vacation destination. Not only is biking a healthy and eco-friendly way to get around, but it also allows you to slow down and truly take in the area’s natural beauty. With an incredible network of bike-friendly trails and scenic routes, you’ll be able to make the most of the sunny weather and exhilarating ocean breeze, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

Whether you’re a dedicated cyclist or simply enjoy leisurely rides, Wildwood Crest has no shortage of options when it comes to bike rentals and trails. From family-friendly paths to more challenging terrains, there’s a trail for every biking enthusiast. The rental shops in the area offer a wide selection of bikes, from beach cruisers to tandem bikes and even surreys for group adventures. With flexible rental packages and convenient locations, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect set of wheels to propel your exploration.

In this Ultimate Guide to Bike Rentals and Trails in Wildwood Crest, NJ, we will provide you with all the necessary information to help you make the most of your cycling adventure. We’ll introduce you to some of the most popular rental shops where you can pick up your bikes, highlight the top biking trails and routes in the area, and share some valuable tips and recommendations to ensure your experience is both enjoyable and safe. So, let’s get ready to ride!

Witness the magic of Wildwood Crest, NJ, as you pedal through its scenic landscapes and create lasting memories during your vacation. When you’re ready to rest and relax after an exhilarating day of biking, Madison Resort Wildwood Crest Hotel awaits your return to provide you with a comfortable and rejuvenating stay.

1. Popular Bike Rental Shops in Wildwood Crest

Before hitting the trails, you’ll need a trusty set of wheels. Wildwood Crest offers several excellent bike rental establishments that cater to different needs and preferences. Here are three popular rental shops in the area:

A. Crest Bike Rental

Located just steps from the beach, Crest Bike Rental offers a full range of bikes, including beach cruisers, mountain bikes, kids’ bikes, and surreys. With convenient hourly and daily rental packages available, you’ll find the perfect bike for your adventure.

B. Zippy’s Bikes

For a more personalized bike rental experience, head to Zippy’s Bikes. This family-owned bike shop not only rents bikes but also offers bike repair and retail services. With friendly staff who can provide advice on the best riding routes, you’ll feel well-prepared for your biking adventure.

C. Sportland Bike Rental

If you’re looking to rent from a shop closer to the boardwalk, check out Sportland Bike Rental. They offer a wide variety of bikes, including tandem bikes, adult tricycles, and surreys, as well as beach gear like umbrellas and chairs for all your beachside needs.

2. Top Biking Trails and Routes in Wildwood Crest

With miles of breathtaking coastal scenery, there’s no shortage of biking trails and routes in Wildwood Crest. Some of the best paths to check out include:

A. Wildwood Crest Bike Path

The Wildwood Crest Bike Path is a paved, 6-mile round-trip route along the beach, offering stunning views of the ocean and nearby dunes. Perfect for cyclists of all skill levels, the path is well-maintained and passes by parks, playgrounds, and restaurants to enhance your ride.

B. The Wildwoods Boardwalk

A trip to Wildwood Crest isn’t complete without a leisurely ride along the iconic 2.5-mile Wildwoods Boardwalk. Enjoy beautiful ocean views, plus the sights and sounds of amusement piers and arcades. Just remember that biking is only allowed on the boardwalk until 12 PM, so plan your ride accordingly.

C. Cape May County Park and Zoo Connector Trail

For a longer, more challenging ride, the Cape May County Park and Zoo Connector Trail is a 13-mile round-trip route that takes riders through picturesque wildlife areas, lush forests, and gorgeous marshlands, connecting Wildwood Crest to the Cape May County Park and Zoo.

3. Biking Safety Tips and Recommendations

To ensure your biking experience is both enjoyable and safe, follow these essential safety guidelines:

– Always wear a helmet to protect yourself in case of accidents.

– Follow traffic rules and obey local biking regulations, such as signages and restricted areas.

– Ride in single file and stay in designated bike lanes whenever possible.

– Use hand signals to communicate your intentions to other riders and motorists.

– Bring water, sunscreen, and a phone for emergencies.

4. Bike-friendly Events and Activities

Wildwood Crest frequently hosts bike-friendly events, such as group rides and family-friendly activities. Upcoming events can usually be found on the WildwoodsNJ website, local rental shop newsletters, or through word-of-mouth at local businesses.


There’s no better way to explore and appreciate the true beauty of Wildwood Crest attractions than by embracing the cycling culture and pedaling through its scenic landscapes. With a wide variety of bike rental options and trails to choose from, your cycling adventure will be ripe for discovery and enjoyment. And when your day of exploration comes to an end, rest easy knowing that Madison Resort Wildwood Crest Hotel is there to provide a comfortable and rejuvenating stay for you and your loved ones.