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FAQ for Guests of the Royal Hawaiian

Royal Hawaiian Motel Wildwood Crest

We understand that guests of the Royal Hawaiian are going to have questions about this summer. We’ve put together a list that you can find below to hopefully answer some of those questions. If you have any additional comments or concerns please feel free to call us directly at (609) 884-7011


When are you planning to open for the season:

We plan on opening for the season May 1 st (Slightly earlier than in previous years)

If we booked our stay before the hotel sold, what happens to my reservation? 

All reservations that were previously booked are being honored. However if you did not pay a deposit, you’ll need to reach out to use to confirm your reservation

Will there be any changes:

There may be some minor operational changes, but we have yet to determine that scope as of today
The largest change will be the access that Royal Hawaiian guests will have to all the amenities that Madison Resort has to offer such as our beach service, gym, entertainment, and access to both pools.

Have the rates gone up?

Yes, but not significantly. We’ve made significant improvements to the property. The rates will match the more elevated experience and will be inline with similar hotel properties in the Wildwoods

I want to bring my pet, what rooms can I stay in? 

All rooms on the street side of the hotel are pet friendly for dogs under 50lb as well as the first-floor rooms on the Poolside

Are you keeping the kitchenettes:


Will you still have the Grills:

Yes, we plan on keeping the grills

Will you still have the café:

Yes, with new operators and a new experience

Is anything happening with the pool area:

No – it will remain the same

What are the in-season and off-season dates? 

In season is Memorial day to September 30th

Will there be condos available?

No, we’re preserving the iconic architecture and motel rooms and will operate it as it was meant to be

Will I get a brochure in the mail with updated prices?

Our pricing is available online through our booking portal. We will no longer be mailing brochures. You can also give us a call year-round and speak with an agent

How close is the boardwalk? How far is the walk? 

The Boardwalk starts on Cresse Ave and is approx. 16 blocks from the Royal Tower

What does parking look like? 

We have on site parking for the Royal Tower. Guests are limited to 1 car per reservation

Are you updating the hotel? 

Yes, you can expect major improvements prior to opening for the 2024 season

Are the prices listed somewhere? 

Our rates are available on our website. Select your dates and it will give you pricing for each room type

Are you hiring? 

We’re always looking for the right team members! Explore job openings and apply through our online portal

Do you have any specials and promotions? 

All promotional pricing will be listed on our website. Check back often!

Can I book the same room as my previous reservation? 

Rooms are on a first come first serve basis, so it is advisable to book as early as possible to ensure the best chance at reserving a specific room